Matcha: Wonderful Japanese Powdered Green Tea

Matcha: Wonderful Japanese Powdered Green Tea


If you still don’t know the taste of Matcha Green Tea then definitely you are missing an amazing thing in your life. It is good to find some time soon and try this cancer fighter, cholesterol lowering, immune boosting, stress reducing and metabolism enhancing tasty natural tea. Although, this tea is being used in China from past 1000 years but still it got more importance in Japanese Culture where they named it as Matcha Tea. The most popular Zen Buddhists used to drink this tea in order to stay alert and calm in the hours of meditation.

The actual meaning of Matcha is “Powdered Tea”; if we compare it with normal green tea where elements from tea leaves are infused into some hot water and those leaves are later discarded but in case of Matcha Tea, you have choice to drink the actual leaves as they have been powdered to make a fine solution. Japanese use to mix almost one teaspoon of Matcha Tea powder with almost one third cup of little hot water that is heated up to less than boiling point. This mixture is whisked in a bamboo brush to give it final taste.

A look into History of Matcha Tea:

The very first plants of Matcha latte were found in Southern China at Yunnan Province and from that place only; it was distributed to other parts of Asia. This tea grows with some specific weather and soil conditions so can only be planted in few selected locations. This amazing green tea shows its name in history from the time of Emperor Shen Nong of China; it was used as Chinese medicine and they introduced this special tea to rest of world by the year 2700 B.C. In those earlier days, the leaves of this tea were simply eaten in most of areas to get its actual medicinal benefits, even there are still few parts of Southern China where people eat the tea leaves directly; slowly they got the idea of brewing the tea leaves in hot water to create a fine solution and new trends evolved. When this tea was introduced to Japanese culture then they made it famous with matcha style and launched this tea on large scale. Now it is well known as Japanese Powdered Green Tea or Matcha Tea.

Matcha tea is prepared from the young leaves of Camellia sinensis plants; it is steamed first and then stemmed; after this it is de-vined before creating a fine powder. Once the powder is created, then the matcha tea is stored far away from oxygen and light so that its brilliant color and the amazing anti-oxidant properties can be boosted. The ultimate product is a miracle matcha tea that is consumed popularly in different parts of world, especially in Japan; you will be glad to know that Matcha Tea is known as one of the most powerful type of super food available in market.

The History is long enough but the thing that one must know about Matcha latte is its amazing health benefits that can even create miracle. Here are some of the most popular reasons that make Matcha Tea more famous among users and they prefer it to include in their daily routines:


 Rich in Antioxidants:

You might have read this somewhere before; actually the Matcha tea use to have magical nutrients that work like antioxidants on human body and the enzymes are responsible for initiating fight against all the bad effects associated with UV radiation. The frequent users of Matcha Tea are definitely blessed with younger skin and this tea use to prevent them from large number of life threatening diseases. The antioxidants are equally capable as that of dark chocolate, green veggies and raw fruits. You will be glad to know that just a single bowl of Matcha tea is capable enough to provide five times more antioxidants as compared to other food items.

 Fully Loaded with EGCg and Catechin:

You might be aware of the fact that not all the antioxidants are created with equal properties; as different tea types use to have different set of effective organic compounds. Among all available antioxidants, the catechins are considered as most beneficial and powerful ones and one specific type of catechin named as Epigallo catechin Gallate or simply EGCg use to make around 60% catechins of MatchaGreen Tea. The EGCg alone can fight with large number of health issues including Cancer and it is well proven by scientists that Matcha Green Tea use to contain almost 100 times larger amount of EGCg as compared to other tea varieties available in market.

 Its keeps you Calm:

From last so many years, Matcha Tea is being used by Chinese Daoists as well as Japanese Zen Buddhists in order to stay relaxed as well as alert during their meditations. Researchers later proved that this higher state of mental consciousness can be achieved just because of amino acid L-Theanine that is present in Matcha Tea. This component use to produce more alpha waves inside human brain so that one can stay relaxed all the time.

 Boost Memory:

One more benefit of Matcha Tea is observed in form of memory enhancer with enhanced mood and it also promotes much better concentration. Regular usage of Matcha tea use to have comparatively improved concentration level for longer time.

 Increased endurance and Energy levels:

Samurai, the well-known worriers of Japan, used to drink Matcha Green Tea before moving to war as it used to improve their energy level during fight. Although all other tea varieties use to have caffeine as energy booster but in Matcha Tea you will find a rich combination of many other nutrients that work to enhance energy level as well as endurance. The effect of Matcha Tea use to stay on human body up to 6 hours.

 Perfect Calorie Burner:

Scientists have recently proved that Matcha Tea is capable enough to boost metabolism rate in human body so that one could burn unwanted fats faster than the average. Although there are so many diet aides available in market for this purpose but the effect of Matcha Tea is truly amazing with no side effects as like blood pressure or heart rate increase.

 Complete body detoxification:

Matcha Green tea is well known as powerful detoxifier that is capable enough to remove all the heavy metals in natural manner and it also takes away the chemical toxins from body making person fit and fine for long run.

 Boost Powers of Immune System:

The Catechins present in Japanese Green tea contain lots of antibiotic properties that help to promote overall health of person. Just a single bowl of Matcha Tea can provide huge quantities of Calcium, Protein, Iron, Vitamins A & C and Potassium etc. Some recent studies have proved that the amazing nutrients of Matcha tea can even keep your body powerful against HIV attack.

 Improves Cholesterol Level:

A deep study on so many populations proved that drinkers of Matcha tea use to have better cholesterol levels as it is used to maintain perfect quantity of LDL as well as HDL Cholesterols. People who drink Matcha Tea on regular basis are able to stay away from heart diseases and the rate differs by 11% to those who never consumed Matcha Tea.

 Best Anti-Ager:

Some people in Okinawa that is at Japan are well known as people living longest life on earth. The longevity is proved to be the result of regular consumption of Matcha Tea. With such amazing properties, this tea type is gaining more and more popularity among tea lovers.

 Fiber Content:

The matcha tea leaves are considered to possess higher amount of easy to absorb dietary fiber. The biggest benefit of these dietary fibers is their ability to fight against health problems like constipation and it also help to stabilize the blood sugar levels.

 Wonderful Flavor:

Most of the time the things that give as health benefits are really difficult to swallow but the best thing about this Green Tea Powder is that it comes with wonderful flavor while improving your well-being.

The Matcha Green tea powder can be easily found at supermarkets and health food stores. As this tea type is produced in very natural manner without using any artificial pesticide or fertilizer so it is good to enjoy Matcha without any worries about side effects.

How to Prepare:

Experts suggests not to put this Green powdered tea into boiling water otherwise it may lead to a grassy taste; instead one must heat water up to boiling point and then let it settle down for almost 5 minutes. Now add your Matcha Tea powder into it and enjoy the real taste of tea with unlimited health benefits.

It is right time to collect your matcha tea from market and start using on regular basis so that you can visualize its effects soon on your weight loss issues as well as other common health troubles.

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